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LFN Castle Server

The LFN Castle Server is a private Minecraft server that allows anyone to create a land, invite friends, and build castles. Make sure your design looks good we like the server looking clean.


Minecraft Java Edition


The castle Server is run on the latest vershion of Minecraft Java Edition Paper. We run our servers using Paper to use Spigot and Bukkit plugins "Paper contains numerous improvements and optimizations resulting in a significant improvement in performance. Paper also includes the next version of Timings, enabling you to quickly find out what's slowing down your server." as stated on the website. You can learn more about Paper at the link below.

Our Server

We run all our servers by ourselves locally.


Processor :    AMD FX-8350  8 Cores  @4.0GHz

Installed Memory (RAM) :    16.0 GB


Download Mbps :  326.95    Upload Mbps :  21.17

Joining Process

Our Server is whitelist to keep the community clean

JOIN LINK BELOW THIS SECTION. We use Google Forms to filter out the people we don't want on the server and to have contact information in case contacting you is needed. We like to keep our server clean and keep the people happy. We use Anti-Xray, CoreProtect, OpenInv, and Admin Spectator Rotator to keep an eye on suspected hackers and people stealing. NOTE if you believe that someone has stolen from you let us know before going through all your chests because with CoreProtect we can see who griefed and or stole from you.


We use a wide range of plugins to improve your experience.

- ClearLag - CoreProtect -CameraMode - GSit
- EntityTrackerFixer - ChunkMaster - Dynmap - EssentialsX
- EssentialsXChat - EssentialsXSpawn - FastLeafDecay - Harbor
- InfiniteAnnouncements - Lands - Lasso - LuckPerms
- mcMMO - SilkSpawners - MobHunting - MultiverseCore
- OldCombatMechanics - OpenInv - PlugMan - ServerListMOTD
- ShopKeepers - AnvilPlugin - Valt - Leather - LimitPillagers
- TabList - VillagerOptimizer


Once your application is submitted we will be in touch.


Nothing crazy just be good to one another, no hacking and no stealing or you will be banned.

At LFN we like to keep our servers fun for all users so stealing and griefing is not permitted or you will be removed from the server period. Most of the people on our server have spent a lot of time perfecting their builds so don't ruin the fun for them just because you don't like them or want their resources. that's what faction servers are for and this is NOT a faction server.

Hacking on the server is not permitted either and will result in you being banned. Hacking to benefit you will eventually lead to you not enjoying the game and will lead to others not enjoying their experience on the server. Take it from me I used to hack back in the day but what's the fun in hacking, there's no perfecting your skill when you let the gameplay itself.

No begging Staff for items either, we're in the same boat you are, we've got all the items we have ourselves so you can too. This is another thing that would lead to you not enjoying your experience if everything is given to you is there really even a point to play on the server?